Phase 1: Foundation
  • Launch our bot with BINANCE integration.
  • Launch our token.
  • Establish a robust and secure trading infrastructure.
  • Implement favorable fees and enhanced limits for token holders.
Phase 2: Expansion
  • Add new exchanges to our bot.
  • Develop and launch a user-friendly webapp platform.
  • Introduce diverse token trading pairs.
  • Initiate a referral system for user growth.
Phase 3: Consolidation
  • Enhance bot security and infrastructure.
  • Implement futures trading on CEX.
  • Get listed on recognized cryptocurrency analysis platforms.
  • Establish a feedback mechanism for ongoing improvement.
Phase 4: Domination
  • Introduce revenue sharing for token holders.
  • Secure listings on prominent Centralized Exchanges (CEX).
  • Launch rewarding trade competitions.
  • Expand global market presence and user base.